Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Scraps.....

Don't throw away your scraps!!! They are great for cute and quick patch jobs on you kids pants, pretty hair clips, and if you're up to it Fabric covered buttons. Here are some examples...I have made this hair clip by layering hearts (I started with the very middle heart and placed it on my next piece of fabric to trace and cut the next heart a little bigger), stitching the middle to hold them together and hand stitched onto a hair clip. The layers of the clip make it super cute and fun to wear for kids (And MOM!). The jeans will fray a little so if you are looking for something more polished try felt. Do it up in different colors, that would be AWSOME! For kids quick and cute patch jobs on those knees that need protection....Take your scrap material, find a cookie cutter, or other fun shaped thing you can trace. I like to use the "Wrong Side" of the fabric (The back) for tracing, sometimes wash away pens and pencils aren't so "Wash away". I use fusible webbing to attach the patch to the pants (Follow instructions on the webbing , or ask your fabric store personal if you are needing further assistance). Using embroidery floss, BLANKET STITCH (for hand sewing) around the edges. If you are using a machine, use a LIGHT WEIGHT FUSIBLE WEBBING or the webbing will gum up your sewing machine needle and go around the edges with a ZIGZAG stitch (BLANKET STITCH, you can look it up at youtube, Or if you have a sewing book handle take a peek and see if it has different stitches in it. Youtube is a great source of DIY projects and there is lots of helpful videos for sewing, knitting and crocheting. Trust me it is used often over here!!) The picture of the jeans is as far as I have got, otherwise I would show the finished product...Make sure you choose a shape that will cover ALL that needs covering, and stitch at 1/4" around...Forget to mention that :)
And if you are reading this and have some tips on how to upload buttons and all that stuff could you please leave a comment below, I have some great friends who have AMAZING shops whos buttons I can get, I just don't know how. Thanx.


  1. I have to do this!!
    With less than 7 weeks left of school and a new little hole in my daughters uniform pants! This is the perfect solution! Who knows, I may start a trend. :o)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish