Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally Friday!

Well, how are you? It has been quite the week here (never been happier that we have zero sports to attend!) 
We started out of the gates running on Monday and never stopped, or slowed down.  School, homework, canning, baking, doctors appts (bad news for the hubs, they have found another spot in his back that needs pulling out, imagine a mid evil torture device pulling him from either side about sums it up) so he will not be better anytime soon, run to town forgot what I needed it took 3 trips to town then to the "big" town then back to town (that was a day!), Virl forgot his agenda book go out to bus stop and wait for it to come down the hill, Vanessa ran with her breakfast in her hands it spilled all over her that was another wait at the bus stop this time with a bag of wet ones and new shirt.

I've gone through Okra, Tomatoes, and a few pints of apple pie filling (it's no good at all ;) ) I have really enjoyed getting this stuff put up. Next I have okra to pickle, and we went apple picking at Aunty Jeans today.....




It was a quick trip, but the kids had fun and got to see their Great Aunty Jean :) 

So that is one thing off my fall bucket list! Do you have one? I looked on Pinterest and found one, but it needs some tweaking to adjust it for us, but apple picking was on it, and we've done it!

Other things from this week are

Vern spent time with his buddy Tommy


Tara is my chicken whisperer and can catch them anytime I ask (yes I have a fear of birds, no I don't want to do it myself, I have a bear ;) she does it for me) so here she is with our two young roosters


Vernon hitched a ride on the tractor


I found this app simply called "Glasses" it has a bunch of instructions for you. It records you turning left, center, right, back to center, and calibrates your face.  Then you can try on glasses, you can push them up or down, you can change the color (if it has that option),and sunglasses to! Here's one of my pics.....


Needless to say, I have been having fun with it.  Do I need glasses? Not as far as I know, but that won't stop me from trying glasses on ;)

So here is our apple haul, they will soon be canned apple pie filling.


They are as organic as you can get.

So I will be canning with Mum Inlaw this weekend, and try to get these done tonight. Plus dinner needs to be served.

Kids are outside playing with dad and I have a moment of quiet....what's that about? Oh, never mind I hear stomping up the steps.

If you don't hear from me this weekend, it's because the slave driver has me back in the kitchen ;) 

Have a safe and fun weekend y'all, and as always.......

Welcome to my crazy house!




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