Sunday, April 1, 2012

The "C" word

In 2003, just married, just had my first child, I couldn't have been any happier. Until the day I phoned my sister to let her know that my Tearbear had arrived. To give you some background my father had been married a few times, his last marraige resaulting in my brother and I, a previous marriage had given us Two half brothers and four half sisters. We didn't get to see them alot and niether did Dad. But I did keep in touch with my one sister LD. Phoning her house I got another one of my sisters on the phone, MR, when I asked MR if she was out for a visit she answered me with heart dropping words....No, I'm out for Dad.....when I asked her what was wrong she told me I needed to speak with my mother. After frantic phone calls my mom got ahold of me, she only asked if Scruffy was home. I ran from the house (He was mowing for the fourth of July) calling him. My Mother inlaw ran for the house thinking there was something wrong with Tearbear. Scruffy got inside and took the phone, everyone was sitting on the couch when my mom told him, Dad had Cancer and there would be no cure for him. He died three months after his diagnoses, I was there, his mother was holding him, one of his brothers, and one of his sisters. Cancer took another life.

Now nine years later cancer is playing a big roll in my family again. My mother inlaw, a dear and sweet Grandmother to her grandkids, a loving wife, and a great mom is in a hospital room while I type this. This time, (She has had a few operations since Scruffy and I have been married, they had to take a piece of her lung to remove the growths. Cancer is not taking this life today.

Over the years I have watched family and friends die. Cancer is a four letter word to me, and I'd be happy never to hear it again.