Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello To All!

As if house work, kids, errands, and jewelry wasn't blogging? Well I'll give it a shot. So this is my blog, I guess I'll start off with the jewelry I'm currently working on.. Just a few simple pieces that were inspired by hornby since I'm visiting home this year. Lots of ocean blues, and sunny sand colors with charms of seaside grace. amongst all that my time has been filled with knitting my eldest daughter a blanket to snuggle in when she's reading, trying to teach myself how to crochet (Not going so well) and preparing for our trip to Canada. What will tomorrow bring? I don't know yet, however today will be filled with laundry, closet organizing, and cleaning out the main fridge....maybe I'll get to craft a pair of earrings tonite when all is settled down.


  1. I wanna go visit Canada...Hope you have fun...U will learn to crochet...It isint that hard once you learn a stitich you can build anything...knitting on the other hand I have not tried yet...I hear it is alot of counting and u have to pay attention more..
    :) Love your blog..I am a follower..we are wearing the same hat...:) lol

  2. Very nice first blog babe, I'm VERY proud of you! :-)

    I always found crocheting easier, but that's just cuz I never could figure out how to knit! Lol, I'm sure your blanket will be beautiful though!

    Keep it up hunny, I'm looking forward to reading your next one!