Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's The Skinny?

On me? Maybe my pinky finger! But seriously this isn't about dieting, it's about my families news. What's happening? What's going on.
How about a little about myself? Lets start with that.....
I was born in Victoria BC Canada
I am 30 (I mean 29)
I moved to Arkansas when I was 20
I got married when I was 20
Had my first child at 20
Then had 5 more children (don't worry, we've figured out what causes it)
I do not go to church, but believe in Jehovah
I am convinced everyone should use the 24 hour clock instead of the 12 hour
Homework is a pain in the neck (especially when I AM NOT SMARTER THEN A FIFTH GRADER)
My kids are my sun, my husband is my moon, and I am the earth. Without either of them, I would not exist.
I do not brush my hair on a daily basis, even though I make my girls
I would rather stay home then go shopping
Love a good book

And the list goes on.

So needless to say, 6 kids, one husband, one cat, one dog, a handful of chickens, and one crazy household.

I'd like to tell you I'm the picture of perfection, all Stepford wife and what not, in reality this is what I look like most days. Yup, say hello to the oh so sexy, mum slept in, kids almost missed the bus, Moi!
And wearing my everyday not leaving the house sweats. Coaching tshirt. And, yes, no makeup (my sister inlaw is cringing), hair tied back, but where's my coffee? It will show up in future posts I'm sure ;)

So I'm starting this new page on Facebook. All about junk people really don't care about, or maybe they do. But then, isn't that Facebook? 

So, I'm going to talk about my kids ALOT. Some funny things, heart breaking things, happy things. Continue to read on. I love it. Share comments, ideas, or just complain. I love it all!
 A recent story for your reading pleasure: My oldest boy-o has a hard time listening. You can say something to him four times, know he's heard you, and still he'll just stare at you.  Well his teacher, after only two weeks of school was pretty fed up with him, and BOY did she let me know it. I sat him down (and by me saying this, I mean I screamed, cried, and pretty much asked him why he can't behave) so after this note home, and my temper tantrum/break down he comes home with a smile on his face and this 
Now mum cried because she was so proud! Had to share it! And bonus, Grandma was here to read it off the bus! Plus way to go Snow Cones at school tomorrow!!

Getting late lovelies, until next time
-Keesers (Because my real name is butchered almost every time, this is a childhood favorite)
My sunshines 4th of July 2013

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