Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cost Is Worth The Loss

So recently the hubs and I have been coworkers on getting stuff done (no he does not do the laundry, dishes, cleaning, and vacuuming. However he is handy at writing the checks for me to put in the mail).
This has been super for me. I love just sitting down and discussing our plan of attack.
However,  it gets to be to much sometimes. The cost of just living sends people to live paycheck to paycheck. So to save some Money Honey, we have taken the plunge and are cutting off our dish service. I mean, really, the price alone is ridiculous. Then factor in that we have TONS O MOVIES to watch. There's always the red box, the library, and not to mention entire seasons of shows you can purchase at places like Amazon for cheap (I have recently started Vampire Diaries, and Downton Abbey. Both bought cheaply at Amazon)
What do the kids think of this recent development? They're okay with it. They're busy with school, homework, eating the last days of fun in the sun up (as we live in the south, after school is still very nice out), and of course being kids and playing. 
There's tons of entertainment all around our house.  Baby chicks, chickens, Angel (our dog), Alice (our cat), the trampoline, and BOOKS. You know those ancient things mum and dad hold in their hands. We can knit. We can sew. We can go for a walk (put one leg in front of the other, instead of sitting on the couch). Go to grandmas (this will probably be a big hit since that's where they can really run around). 
So, the cost of dish? Definitely worth the loss! 
More money in our pockets. Less tv time for all. A good movie every Friday night (this is our appointed "Family Night") with the kids gone all week, it's our chill out time with the monkeys.

I also have news on those monkeys... The younger two in school have been chosen as class ambassadors! They will serve a 9 week "term" and will represent their classes! I am so proud of Vanessa and Vincent!


Right now I am canning some pears we harvested over at Mum inlaws house. It is going to be a tasty fall!

Make yourself a Fall Bucket List. It's fun, and it gets you moving and encouraged to do things (yes,gong along with my get off the couch theme ;) )
This is on my fall bucket list. I have gone apple picking (and pear hitting down out of the tree). I'll have to print it all out and post it for you....but this for sure is on it....


And before I go check on my pears, here's a random funny.  Of course it says "please stop blogging this" so of course I must!  Meet the Rad Dad, who happens to be a bit of a smart a**!

Hahaha. I love it!

So what have we covered? More money for me, canning pears, proud of kids, smart a** dad.
That about sums it up!
Until next time,
And as always,
Welcome to my crazy house.



Okay, okay. I admit I will miss the DVR. 
Say bye, bye :(


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