Friday, July 9, 2010

Survived 03:00

When you look at a baby you think...Awww So sweet...and Ooo and Awww over the little scrunchie bundle. What people fail to tell you is how long they were in labor, their struggles with nursing, the swallon feet, the strech marks, the teething, the fevers, the diapers, the Temper temper twos, the weaning time where your boobs are as big as a 10LBS watermelon each. If your friends did tell you this, you may run from the very thought of having your own. But in the end, it is the best pain to have to go through to hear their first words, to watch their first steps, to have that tiny hand hold your finger as they drift off to sleep.And granted it looks like I'm running a daycare when I take my Clan of Vanderpools out, but I wouldn't trade the "Is she crazy?" looks for anything! Even the 3am morning I'm surviving today is just one tiny bump in the long road of happiness my kids take me on everyday.

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