Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Reunion

Taking a break and knitting on a scarf I started for my youngest daughter. Our Vacation is getting closer all the time, no time for Jewelry as I will be busy with my scrapbooks. I've premade one for my great Aunt. I just have to fill it with the pictures we take well seeing her ( Yess I'm taking the little printer so I can print).If I get the entire house done tonite I may make up some more for easy filling well on Hornby...Hello 5HR Energy Drink!! Oh, Did I mention that my Mum is giving me her AWSOME sewing machine???? OOOOO Sewing here I come! As of the Reunion I'm talking about, I will be seeing 2 very special friends that I spent a lifetime growing up with, and one wild summer. Sure we have all grown up since then, marriage, kids, and what not. However it will be a day to remember. The three of us have not been together in about 8 years, and it just so happens that 2 of us will be home on vacation at the same time. It will be a Reunion of friends that will last a life time. The three of us may never be able to be together at the same time again, but we wont have to think about that as we're laughing at old times together and watching the kids play with one another as we once did way back when.

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