Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach-N Hair

MERMAID HAIR!!! Well Tearbears insisted hers is T. Swift Hair, but we were going for a mermaid look.  It all started with youtube videos and the fact we are going to be beach goers this year while visiting my family back home.  The girls and I have had fun doing this and the little boys asked to join in....sorry boys, your hair is way to short (That and dad would be like AWUHUT!)....Okay so we used a three barrel curler and putting the top two facing up and the plate with one curler closest to the head we started our awsome adventure.  Now Tearbear has SUPER thick hair and it took forever to get through the section, curl, repeat.  But we did it and it looked so good!  Next was Mess, and she has fine hair (Ladybug does to) so it took way less time.  Ladybug was my challenge.  After scetioing off her hair and just getting in ONE row, she says "Are you almost finished?" She is so impatient :) BUT we got through it and the had pretty wavy hair for the day.  It was fun, we'll be doing it again.....but My Scruffy Baby sure didn't care for it.  He likes my hair straight and long with nothing (No not even coloring) done to it :( Oh well.  Knotty Up Do is next on our list....stay tuned

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