Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's in the water.....

Hmmmm...What is in the water?  No it's not what you think. But Nailpolish is in the water!  The girls and I have been trying new things and today we played with nailpolish.  This trick is really neat!

You'll Need:
*A bowl of water
*2 colors of nail polish (One light one dark)

~ Take one of your polishes and remove the brush making sure there is a droplet of polish on the end.  Drop that drop in to the water.
~ In the center of that drop, drop your next color.  Do this several times to make a bullseye look in the water.
~ Now take a toothpick and run it through the polish to create swirly patterns (No right or wrong here) ~ Put tape down the sides of your nail, beneath your nail, and on top of your finger (Look to pictures) ~ Here is the key... quick and gentle...stab your finger in to the water do not linger, out you get....DO NOT PULL TAPE OFF RIGHT AWAY....
~ Gather your toothpick and swirl in water to remove the polish....repeat steps for your other fingers.
~When removing the tape do not worry if there is polish on your finger, grab some qtips and swabs and carefuly wipe away.
We had fun with this!  Take a looksy :D

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