Friday, September 6, 2013

My kids do the weirdest crap!

What little kid hasn't put a pair of skivvies on their noggin? Mine seem to go above and beyond the normal call of duty with stuff like......
                                              Playing in the dogs bath water
                                                            Dressing the dog
                                           Sleeping in a car seat in the house
                                       Using mums mascara on your lips
                                                         Getting stuck in your shirt
                                                           Sleeping through this
                             Putting yourself in a empty beer box, just to prove you can
                                            Losing the game has consequences
                                                   Getting stuck on the bike
                                              Putting jellies on your nose
               Playing in the mop bucket

But with examples like my friend and neighbor back home

This is Jake (from State Farm, j/k) my Hornby Island neighbor, and his notorious trick he taught the kids.

Can you blame them? Poor dancing fools

Welcome to my house of crazies

Until next time
Okay, one with skivvies....



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