Sunday, September 8, 2013


Kids are out at Mawma's swimming today. I'm at home making food,doing laundry, and all preps for the coming school/work week.

On the agenda: 
1) check kids room and bathroom for dirty laundry
2) get beans sorted and's a few pictures of that. I didn't grow up with beans, my sister inlaw was the one who taught me to sort and wash before cooking. If you don't sort you could end up with things like this....
Yes, rocks, clumps of dirt, icky looking beans (the one in the picture looks like it spent to much time on a conveyor belt and bounced all the skin off) and what not. 
And if you don't put them through a good rinse/washing you get all sorts of dust in your beans ( I tried to take a picture of my hand, but the iPad wasn't picking up how dirty it was)
3) get beans going. It takes a while for them to cook. We like to put them on the back burner, on low, all day long. Throw salt and a ham bone in as well.
Mmmm, mmm! Brown beans!
4)get breakfasts made and frozen
5)lunches made and ready to pack
6) make sure all laundry is off the line before nightfall 
7) keep eye on water for animals (it is HOT out there!)
8) clean up kids camp out party in the living room
9) do dishes
10) start again (ain't that the truth!)

So there is my great great day.
Then there'll be a, we need showers! where's my underwear? do we have time to watch tv? Mum I'm hungry! Is there school tomorrow? Have you signed my papers...
The reply: yes you do, in your drawer, just a little, what else is new, yes there is, no I haven't.

And as always,
Welcome to my crazy house!



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