Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh crap moment plus some schooling


So yesterday mu husband had been 24hrs without his medication and was in a bad way. Not sleeping much, just waiting until he could refill in the morning. Well as I was running around I realized "I sneaked some of his supply into reserve" so I ran to the bedroom, dug around and found this sneaky supply. And he laughed at me. He laughed because yes I gave him something to take, but I gave it to him 30min before I could go fill his prescriptions. 

So yes, that's my oops moment of the day.  

The kids came home and went to homework station before dinner.  It's not a place, it's my kitchen table. We clear it off, put out a container of SHARPENED pencils (no excuses to stand and sharpen and waste time) some big erasers (those are important, if they are not tidy in their writing I will erase it and make them do it over. A page taken straight from mein Opa, who is old school German.....but he would throw the whole page out ;) so I think I'm a bit nicer) here is what homework station looks like.

I do put stuff out for everyone.  Although kids who do not have homework (like spelling or math sheets) get a book, coloring sheets, writing practice sheets, ext. . However there is a rule, and if they cause a commotion, they are asked to leave and let those who need to study, study. They have the option to go play outside (which is the option I encourage, not only for the quiet, but kids need to play and get dirty), or quietly play in their rooms (here's where outside is quieter in the house if four out of six don't need to be at the table). While they study their words and do math (which are the most common to come home) I am in the kitchen cooking up some grub. The other night we had Enchiladas, rice and beans....

Before the table is set I take their words in to the kitchen and call out a name followed by one of their words. They until I come back to their name to write down the word I had given them. This is for the reason that a teacher will not wait on one child before going onto the next word, therefore neither will I. It sounds harsh, I realize, but life's hard right? Here are their words, I also write down what week the words are for just incase they don't make it into the recycling pile. That way no confusion over which words we need to be studying.


If they miss any, they are asked to write it three times. With each day the amount increases ( Monday 3, Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5, ext.) 
  After all this, whoever is left at the table helps clear and set.  That's our school evenings in a nutshell.
Right before kids sit, there is a rush to the bathroom to wash up (most days "wash up" doesn't cut it, they would do better with a pressure wash) and running to the table. I serve their plates and set them out. Blessing is said and then they dive in. No literally, I don't know how many times I have to tell them per meal to use their forks and not their fingers!
Welcome to my Crazy house!


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